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Reaching for the Skies - The Pioneers (Episode 01)
"Reaching for the skies" is unequivocally the best aviation documentary every made in the history of film, and the history of flight. The series consists of 12 parts. The history is well researched, the narration is to the point, informative, and fascinating like flying itself. The story starts with Wright brothers' achieving what was impossible throughout known human history. The documentary covers all aspects of flying from the fastest, to the dangerous, to the most comfortable of aircraft. Unfortunately, this was never released on a DVD due to some copyrights trouble at the BBC. It was released on VHF. After 25 years, and the 480p resolution, this is still the most detailed history of evolution of aviation on TV. Watch it, it will knock your socks off.I'm uploading it because it is a must watch and it's pretty hard to find and I think that here it will be seen and highly rated.No rights reserved by me. I don't claim any copyrights or such.
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02.01.2015 (2692 days ago)
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