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HOW TO MAKE IT - Aviation (Top 5 Tips - Laurie Berryman, Emirates Airlines)
TOP 5 SECRET TIPS!!!...HTMI for those that want to work in the AVIATION industry from Laurie Berryman, VP of Emirates Airline (UK).Emirates aren't just the airline that sponsors Arsenal, AC Milan, Real Madrid and PSG amongst others. They are the young upstart that's shaking up the pecking order of the industry and expanding rapidly. With over 20 years of experience in aviation, Laurie knows the industry and what his organisation looks for when hiring for a growing global airline such as Emirates. He's also got some amazing career stories and tips for success.Here he shares tips on how to be a pilot, cabin crew and work in other parts of a leading global airline. So if you want to work with someone like Laurie, now's the time to start taking notes. MUST SEE for those that want to work in the music industry and want to get ahead. He's really got some wise words for those that want to make it.For more industries go to feel free to leave a comment, share and like away!EnjoyDillon Khan
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