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Day 1 - Learning To Fly an Airplane - Miller Series
This was flight number one of me trying to learn how to fly an airplane. I had read up on technique and all that but as you can see from the video learning how to taxi was probably the hardest thing for me to tackle in the first 30 minutes of operating an airplane.We departed the traffic pattern, and went out and practiced steep turns, stalls, emergency procedures, slow flight, and etc. All of which I thoroughly enjoyed. I truly enjoy learning, and having the opportunity to get to learn something new in the aviation industry and even better.When comparing airplanes to helicopters, helicopter are much more difficult to fly, but at the same time are more forgiving. For instance if you are landing and you don't like how it looks you raise the collective and try it again. Airplane you have to worry about stalling, ballooning, landing on the nose gear first, and etc.Great flight. One that I have looked back over and have had time for my brain to crunch on the many things I have done incorrect.
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17.12.2014 (2708 days ago)
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