Our Mission

Our team is dedicated to bringing student pilots, certificated pilots, and aviation enthusiasts the most comprehensive, innovative, and tech savvy website and mobile applications to make flying safer, simpler, and more enjoyable. 

We have an amazing team of aviation and technology professionals working together toward the common goal of offering five main benefits to Pilots League members.

1.  Education - A good pilot is always learning.  Our primary website and mobile websites will offer a range of ways pilots can learn and become better.  Through training videos, articles, blogs, and forums with our panel of experts in the aviation field, pilots of all experience levels are sure to learn something from every visit. 

2.  Advocacy - We understand that the freedoms we enjoy in this country, specifically our freedoms to take to the skies, must constantly be defended.  We will join other organizations in a united front to stand up against user fees, excessive taxation, increased costs, easing of medical restrictions, and easier aircraft certification.  We will also work to increase the pilot population through awareness and aviation scholarships.

3.  Tools/Resources - Our technology professionals are working day and night to provide tools to pilots to make the experience of flying simpler and less time consuming.  Our first tool is a free electronic logbook, which also includes a mobile version, to make it very simple to log flight time.  Future software currently under development will change the way students learn to fly, so be sure to keep checking back.

4.  Connectivity - Our unique format will change the way the entire aviation industry connects and shares information.  First, we are fully connected and interactive with all of the most popular social networks.  Second, our site will make it simple to find a wide range of information and services that is simple unavailable with other sites.

5.  Enjoyment - Finally, we want pilots using our site to enjoy the experience.  Most of our site content will be available on our mobile apps which will make it easy to read, enjoy, and learn on the go.  We are excited to have a exceptional team of writers that will be providing content daily.  We are confident that will be your first stop in your virtual aviation search.  

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