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I have recently started working with a new private pilot student with over 40 hours of flight time and just 3 solo flights, and no cross country flight time.  Although he hasn't flown in over a year, most of those 40 hours were over a 6-8 month time period
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Praying for this little girl and the families.  Here is a local news story with more details.
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Starting this week, we have started our initial marketing campaign for  You should start to see our content popping up all over the aviation community.  Please help us to spread the word by sharing to your friends on your
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Here is a good read from the AOPA counsel regarding the legality of strait-in approaches:
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Please check out our official facebook page for the League of Pilots!
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We Need You! For Our Virtual Airport Approach Database! We are looking for pilots all across the country to help us accrue a database of actual flown approaches into every airport in the US.  It's simple, just create a pilots league account, record a vis
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GA Flying is NOT Always Convenient, but ALWAYS Adventurous Here it is almost midnight on a Saturday night. I am home and comfortable in Kentucky and my airplane sits in a hangar at the Terre Haute International Airport.  Our Thanksgiving trip started ou
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We are excited to announce the first of many free utilities for pilots of all experience levels.  Our FREE flight logger makes it simple to log flights on any computer or mobile device.  This flight logger makes it easy to keep up with flight times and pri
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